Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring 2012

Boats are going overboard quickly, getting ready for an early fishery again this year.
We wish a bountiful season to all fishing customers.

Another fiscal year is coming to a close, and with it a reflection on the year's income and expenses.  For those of you wondering why we have to charge so much for our services, here's how our income is spent:

Municipal taxes take about 37% of our annual revenue.  Newfoundland Power gets 42%.  Accounting, equipment maintenance, donations to community groups, business fees, income taxes, bank fees, and snow clearing costs take up the remaining 21% and more besides.

Notice that there is nothing left to pay wages?  Duke, who is happy to assist you any time of the night or day, is a volunteer.  The Marine Service Centre needs repair and maintenance.   Of course, with all this, you know what must happen...  Rates must go up.

New rates will take effect on May 1st, the beginning of our new fiscal year.  The old rates will apply to any vessel currently still on dock.  For vessels not being launched by the end of June, the new rates will take effect on May 1st.